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Reform or Abolish

the Electoral College


We believe that a strong democracy stands on the participation of its citizens.   Every vote must count equally.

We circulated a petition both online and in-person to secure the signatures of supporters.   We recently sent our completed petition to  Speaker Pelosi asking her to form a  House Select Committee  on the Electoral College

 The Text of our   Petition 

It's time to restore one person, one vote to presidential elections. We want the popular vote to count! We the undersigned are concerned citizens who call on the House of Representatives to reform or abolish the current Electoral College system in order to secure the right of one person, one vote in presidential elections. The first step should be to set up a House Select Committee charged with this task.

 Update:  On May 14, 2019, Rep. Jared Huffman joined on as a co-sponsor of H.J. Res.7 calling for the abolition of the Electoral College and the direct election of the President and Vice President!

Meeting with Rep. Huffman to gain his support for our petition
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