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We are a group of senior citizens who are residents of the Redwoods Retirement Community, as well as the area of Mill Valley, California.  Our average age is 86.  We are committed to the search for world peace, social justice, and genuine democracy.

The climate crisis threatens all the values we hold dear. 

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In our closing years we strive to serve as role models for our children and grandchildren demonstrating how we must all work together to improve our democracy and to preserve our planet.  

Our Mission

We believe...

* That war is not the answer!

* That our best hope for a peaceful world lies in international cooperation and support of the United Nations  We aim to be a nation devoted to peaceful relations with all of the world's people.

* That all people are entitled to:

  • A clean, safe environment

  • Healthcare

  • Decent affordable housing

  • Full employment at fair wages

  • Affordable education for all

  • Adequate social security

* That the maintenance and nurturing of our democracy demands an informed, alert and active electorate.

How we began...

Our initial anti-war demonstration was on Friday, January 31, 2003.  Ever since, we have continued our street demonstrations for peaceful solutions to continued violence and for social justice.  Everyone is welcome to join us on Fridays between 4 and 5 pm. at the corner of Miller Ave. and Camino Alto in Mill Valley.

Since those beginning days we have expanded our activism and educational programs in response to changing social, political and environmental conditions.  This website is one way that we reach out to our members and the larger community to report on our work and to invite others to join us.   

and now...

What We Do


  We hold  weekly meetings and forums for the Redwoods community and the public, with guest speakers on social justice, political and environmental issues

We screen free, dramatic and documentary films related to our mission on Wednesday nights at the Redwoods.


We encourage discussion of political issues and determine appropriate action.

We contact Senators, members of Congress and other officials through letters and phone calls

We prepare petitions for legislative action; send Letters to the Editor; visit the City Council.


We hold a demonstration each Friday afternoon on our corner holding handmade posters and singing patriotic and protest songs

We protest war and military buildup.  We call attention to social injustices and threats to our democracy

We encourage participative citizenry.


We hold a 15 minute candlelight peace vigil each Sunday evening at the Redwoods

We hope you will join us!

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